Corporate Security Intelligence Services, LLC

About (C.S.I.S.)

Our CEO, Marlene Maheux

Mrs. Marlene Maheux graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a major in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. She did a practicum in Clinical Psychology her senior year in an adult acute intensive psychiatric unit.

Before becoming a private investigator in 2014, she was President of an office equipment supply company for almost 15 years.

Marlene has a huge heart and this is how she became a Private Investigator. She started to work on teenage runaways, human trafficking and missing persons cases. Since her career started she has been involved in the safe return of several children and adults. This is where she met her husband and Founder of C.S.I.S.

In 2017 she organized a Human Trafficking Awareness Meeting for the community that included two other Private Investigators that specialized in Runaway cases including a former victim and survivor of Human Trafficking.

In April 2018, Marlene became CEO of the Agency.

Here are some of Marlene's PI expertise:

Surveillance, Undercover, Penetrate Secured areas legally. Raw Databases gathering and analyst, Infidelity, Divorce and Child Custody cases. Missing Persons. Criminal Defense State / Federal cases. Marlene is also a fully-licensed Armed Bodyguard and Security Officer. She is now also working in Executive Protection.

Our Founder

Our founder, Mr. Jimmy Maheux, has been a private investigator for over 20 years and has over 25 years of experience in the security protection industry.

• Independent Contractor Executive Protection / Bodyguard services in over 17 Countries and clients from over 60 countries.

• Accredited Judicial Administrative Commissioner (JAC) Investigator since 2006. (Criminal Defense Investigator)

• Licensed NRA Firearms Instructor since 2007 (Home invasion, Weapon retention, Safety..)

• Locating runaways, missing, kidnapped and human trafficked children and adults since 2000

• Former South Miami Area Director for Florida Association of Private Investigators, Inc. (F.A.P.I.)

Mr. Maheux has travelled to many parts of the world providing private protection services. Including: (Children Safety, Family Vacation Security Escort, Business and Corporate Security convoy..)

He has also investigated several missing persons, pedophile, human trafficking, complicated runaway, homicide and cold cases.

Mr. Maheux along with his wife Marlene, CEO of Corporate Security Intelligence Services have worked over One Hundred missing and Runaways children as Pro bono cases. Bringing back a child or a missing person is such a great reward that no amount of money can compare.